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Our Mission

We're working towards a better food system.

Eat local 📍

Buy local to support your local community, get fresher food products and to reduce the carbon footprint that is created by food transportation.

Eat nutrient dense 💪​

Animal foods raised on their natural diets are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Eat more nutrient dense animal foods to support your health and the health of your family.

Avoid toxic food ☠️

Avoid eating foods known to be unnatural to the human diet like grains, sugars and seed oils. Eating from regeneratively raised sources also helps reduce exposure to agriculture byproducts like herbicides & pesticide residues.

Vote with your dollar 💰​

Every time you take a bite of food, you are supporting the food system that created that food. Choosing to eat regenerative, humane and healthier food supports a better food system.

Support the environment 🌎​

Regenerative farming practices takes carbon out of the atmosphere, rebuilds soil bio-diversity and creates strong ecosystems.

Support humane animal raising 🐄​

Pasture-raised animals have large land access leading to a low stress and a more humane environment.

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