Farming Practices

Choose the farming practices you care about. When exploring farms in your area, you can filter farming practices you care about. Looking for organic or 100% grass-fed beef? Is soil quality important to you? Choose the filters that matter in the explore page!

Pasture Raised

Pasture raised means that the animals are raised on pasture (grass) and get a significant portion of their nutrition this way. Pasture-raised links to where the animal eats (a pasture).

Antibiotic Free

Antibiotic free is used to describe animal products that has been produced without the use of antibiotics. Conventional farming requires the regular use of antibiotics to help improve the sick and unnatural state of the animals due to eating an unnatural diet. It's unnecessary if we raise animals in a healthful way.

Hormone Free

Hormone free is used to describe animal products that has been produced without the use of additional natural or synthetic sex steroids or protein growth hormones. Conventional farming requires the use of hormones to unnaturally grow animals faster and larger for more efficiency and profit.

Grass Fed

Grass fed simply means that the animals were allowed to forage and graze for their own fresh food (grass). They may be given close substitutes like alfalfa during the winter, but unlike grain-fed animals, the emphasis is still on providing the closest thing to a natural diet as possible. Grass-fed links to what the animal eats (grass).

Humane Animal Treatment

Farmers took extra steps to ensure the welfare of their beloved animals. Access to pasture, living low stress lives, comfortable and happy

Grass Finished

Grass finished means the animals eat only their evolutionary diet. Nothing but their motherโ€™s milk and grass from birth to harvest. The grass may be fresh grass or grass-hay. This practice insures the healthiest animals and the most nutrient dense animal products.

Cover Crops

Cover crops are plants that are planted to cover the soil rather than for the purpose of being harvested. Cover crops manage soil erosion, soil fertility, soil quality, water, weeds, pests, diseases, biodiversity and wildlife in beneficial ways.


GMO's are genetically modified organisms. Created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques. Scientists and consumer and environmental groups have cited many health and environmental risks with foods containing GMO's.

No Tilling

No-till farming (also known as zero tillage or direct drilling) is an agricultural technique for growing crops or pasture without disturbing the soil through tillage.

No Pesticides

No Pesticides means no chemical substances used for killing insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals. When we eat food from conventional farming, we are eating food covered with sprayed pesticides.

No Herbicides

No herbicides means no chemical substances that is toxic to plants, used to destroy unwanted vegetation. When we eat food from conventional farming, we are eating food covered with sprayed Herbicides.

No Fungicides

No Fungicides means no biocidal chemical compounds or biological organisms used to kill parasitic fungi or their spores. Fungi and other living organisms in the soil is what creates nutrients. Using Fungicides decreases the bio-diversity in the soil.

No Chemical Fertilizer

Chemical fertilizers are compounds containing high concentration of nutrients required for plant growth. They are made from fossil fuels and are not a renewable source of production. They're also not necessary.

Certified Organic

Generally, Certified Organic means free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers and dyes, and must not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering. Different regions have different types of organic labeling and regulations.

USDA Organic

USDA Organic is a labeling term that indicates that the food or other agricultural product has been produced through approved methods. The organic standards describe the specific requirements that must be verified by a USDA-accredited certifying agent before products can be labeled USDA organic. USDA organic standards

Eat local ๐Ÿ“

Buy local to support your local community, get fresher food products and to reduce the carbon footprint that is created by food transportation.

Eat nutrient dense ๐Ÿ’ช

Animal foods raised on their natural diets are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Eat more nutrient dense animal foods to support your health and the health of your family.

Avoid toxic food โ˜ ๏ธ

Avoid eating foods known to be unnatural to the human diet like grains, sugars and seed oils.

Vote with your dollar ๐Ÿ’ฐ

Every time you take a bite of food, you are supporting the food system that created that food. Choosing to eat regenerative, humane and healthier food supports a better food system.

Support the environment ๐ŸŒŽ

Regenerative farming practices takes carbon out of the atmosphere, rebuilds soil bio-diversity and creates strong ecosystems.

Support humane animal raising ๐Ÿ„

Pasture-raised animals have large land access leading to a low stress and a more humane environment.ย 

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